Custom (NERF) foam flywheel dart blaster

The plan is to make a custom flywheel dart blaster, using quadcopter motors instead of the smaller stock motors. The inspiration for this was the purchase of a NERF Rayven blaster, which had its warranty voided for "improvements" within minutes of arriving home. :-)

Disassembled NERF Rayven

Planning on a design which is something like the Mass Effect M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle. The final design will depend on accomodation of components within the shell.

Mass Effect M-8 Avenger
2015-12-28, 13:22:04

Currently waiting on CNC build.

Going to try out some Rctimer 5010-620KV Multicopter Brushless Motors for the flywheels. Since they're outrunners, the outer shell spins, which should hopefully work well as a flywheel by itself.

Rctimer 5010-620KV motor diagram

An Arduino will be used to drive the brushless motor controllers and ancillary functions.

2017-09-20, 07:46:41

Hooked up the motors today and fired a test shot. It made a nice thud on impact. :-)

2021-06-20, 04:53:21

Quick update with some progress. Turns out it's not a trivial task to design a working blaster inside an M8 shell.

Screenshot showing test internal layout