CNC pen mount

Here's my take on the obligatory over-engineered CNC pen holder.

CAD screenshot & render vs the final product.

CAD screenshot CAD render Installed pen holder

Parts list

  • 2x 85mm lengths of 8mm diameter linear rod
  • 2x LM8LUU 8mm long linear bearings (ID 8mm, OD 15mm, 45mm long)
  • 2x Springs OD 12mm, 25mm long
  • 3x printed parts (download STL files)
  • 3x M5 low profile screws
  • 2x M5 thumb screws, ends sharpened to a point.
  • 3x M5 nuts
  • 3x metal washers
  • Pens to suit - e.g. BIC Cristal
Pen holder parts Assembled pen holder