Voip2p - Peer-to-Peer VOIP chat (Java)

This application provides Peer-to-Peer text and voice chat on a local network. I was previously using TeamSpeak for this, but got tired of having to run a dedicated server and the client nagging for upgrades.


  • Text and voice chat.
  • No server software to install and maintain.
  • Direct Peer-to-Peer communication - no data routed through third-party servers.
  • No traffic sent outside your LAN (unless you explicitly set it up).
  • No installation required - just download and run the small executable jar file.
  • Sourcecode available so you can audit/modify/build it yourself.


Binary: Voip2p-0.1.0.jar

Building from source

You will require the Java JDK 1.7.x (or later), and Apache Maven 3.2 (or later). Download the source archive (above), unzip it and type "mvn clean package" in the directory containing the file "pom.xml".

Known issues and limitations

This software is still beta-quality - use it at your own risk. I have only tested it locally with a couple of PCs.

  • Only Class C IPv4 networks are supported. This should cover most home private networks, i.e. 192.168.x.x
  • Password protection is not implemented - you probably shouldn't run this over the internet yet!
  • There is no audio compression - it uses quite a bit of bandwidth.
  • Encryption is not implemented, though it probably isn't necessary on a LAN...
  • Voice activation threshold is not implemented due to a buffer underrun bug.
  • Client occasionally hangs on exit.
  • Logging and reporting of errors to the user is inadequate.
  • Missing useful functions such as being able mute a call.