Bomb Squad (Atari Falcon, DOS PC)

Bomb Squad logo

Bomb Squad is based on the arcade coin-op "Super-Dynablaster". Most elements of the coin-op's gameplay are present, and some of the graphics are similar too. :)

Your mission is to save the world (as usual) from the hordes of bad guys sent out by the obligatory evil mastermind. Each level takes place in a small complex, guarded by the computer-controlled nasties. To progress to later levels, you must blow up all the bad guys within the time limit.

For those who have not heard of "Super Dynablaster" or any games of the same genre (Bomberman, Dynabusters, etc.). Here is a brief description of the gameplay:

The play area itself is a static, 19*13 grid-like area, and contains the players and all adverseries. The players' only defence are bombs which they can drop in the play area, and detonate after their fuse runs out. The bombs explode outwards for a certain range depending on their power, which can be increased by collecting powerups. Initially, the players can only have one bomb active at a time, but this can also be increased by collecting powerups.

This might sound easy, but there are a couple of catches... the bombs are equally capable of cooking you as they are the monsters and the bombs can also be set off by the explosions from other bombs, causing massive chain-reactions. Add 3 more players into the fray, all dropping bombs, and the result is total mayhem!

Bomb Squad also offers a combat mode, where you can play against your friends in the Bomb Squad's training area. Just make sure there are no baseball bats lying near the computer! :)


Atari Falcon
Falcon Screengrab #1 Falcon Screengrab #2 Falcon Screengrab #3
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PC Screengrab #1 PC Screengrab #2 PC Screengrab #3
PC Screengrab #4 PC Screengrab #5 PC Screengrab #6

Game features:

  • 40 levels of arcade action over 8 different types of scenery.
  • 15 types of enemies to incinerate, plus nasty end-of-level guardians.
  • HEAPS of powerups including remotes and around-corner bombs!
  • Up to 4 players at once for manic gameplay.
  • Combat Mode for blowing up your friends!
  • Password system to access later levels.
  • The ability to make screengrabs and record & play back games!
  • More than 10 really cool 50Khz, 4-channel, soundtracks.
  • Sampled sound effects.
  • Highscore table saved with the top 100 scores.

Atari Falcon - System requirements

  • Atari Falcon'030 Computer with at least 4Mb RAM and a hard disk drive
  • SVGA/RGB monitor or colour TV.
  • Standard joystick and/or Jaguar joypad (two standard joysticks and two jagpads needed for 4 players).
  • Some friends to blow up! :)

PC - Minimum system requirements

  • IBM or compatible 486DX2/66 with fast ISA video, 8Mb RAM and 2.5MB free space on the hard drive
  • DOS-based OS (includes Windows 3.x/95/98). DOSBox is required for other Windows versions.
  • Soundblaster or 100% compatible soundcard
  • MSCDEX 2.1 or later for CD Audio
  • VGA monitor
  • Joystick(s) recommended
  • Some friends to blow up! :)


Atari Falcon: (1.1MB)
PC: (1.6MB)